Core Outcome Measures in Effectiveness Trials

Pediatric Perioperative Outcomes Group

General Information

The Pediatric Perioperative Outcomes Group will develop core outcome sets for children undergoing surgery and anaesthesia.

Dr. Paul Stricker, Principal Investigator
Joseph Cravero, USA
Andrew Davidson, Australia
Jurgen de Graaff, Netherlands
Yifei Jiang, China
Aideen Keaney, UK
Dean Kurth, USA
Wallis T. Muhly, USA
Ellen Rawlinson, UK
Rajeev Subramanyam, USA
Elsa Taylor, New Zealand
Alexandra Torborg, South Africa
Laszlo Vutskits, Switzerland
Suellen Walker, UK
Ting Xu, China
Sandhya Yaddanapudi, India
Yunxia Zuo, China

Further Study Information

Current Stage:
January 2018 - 2020
Funding source(s):
None at present

Health Area

Disease Category
Anaesthesia & pain control

Disease Name

Target Population

Age Range
0 - 17


Nature / type of Intervention


Delphi process
Systematic review

Phase 1: Identify key pediatric candidate outcome domains and key pediatric sub-populations for COS development through structured expert consensus process.

Phase 2: Conduct systematic review to identify outcomes in relevant literature for sub-populations and domains identified in Phase 1. This systematic review will be followed by stakeholder consultation using a mixed-methods approach to explore the question of which outcomes matter most to children and families after anesthesia and surgery. An iterative Delphi process of relevant stakeholders (patients, parents, clinicians, researchers) will follow to rank candidate outcomes to be included in a COS.

Phase 3: Expert-based process to identify specific measures for outcomes identified in Phase 2. This process will involve a systematic review and a Delphi expert consensus process to identify outcome measures and/or need for specific validated outcome measures.

Stakeholders Involved

Clinical experts
Consumers (caregivers)
Consumers (patients)
Patient/ support group representatives

Study Type

COS for clinical trials or clinical research
COS for practice
Recommended outcome measures (measurement)

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