COMET events

COMET 2020 webinar series

COMET held a free series of webinars that began on the 8th and 9th October, with two consecutive webinars on the days that would have been COMET VIII.

The recordings of the six webinars can be found below.


“Are you still troubled by research waste?” View slide set here (8th October 2020)
Professor Hywel Williams (NIHR Health Technology Assessment Programme, and Professor of Dermato-Epidemiology and Co-Director, Centre of Evidence-Based Dermatology, Queen’s Medical Centre Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust). 8th October 2020

"What the COMET database tells us about the development and content of core outcome sets" (9th October 2020)
Professor Paula Williamson and Dr Sarah Gorst (University of Liverpool).

"Including patients in core outcome set development" (20th October 2020)
(1) Dr Eleanor Perfetto (National Health Council): The Patient-Advocacy Community Perspective on Core Outcome Sets.
(2) John Turner (Public Co-Chair of COMET’s PoPPIE Working Group) and Heather Barrington (COMET’s Patient and Public Involvement Co-ordinator): Resources to support core outcome set developers including patients in their work – an update.

Contributed session (3th November 2020)
(1) Dr Steven MacLennan (University of Aberdeen): “Vicarious thinking” was a key driver of score change in Delphi surveys for COS development and is facilitated by feedback of results.
(2) Marie Österberg and Christel Hellberg (Swedish Agency for Health Technology Assessment and Assessment of Social Services, SBU): The quality and usability of developed Core Outcome Sets (COS).

“Core outcome set uptake amongst trials, systematic reviews and the wider health care ecosystem” (19th November 2020)
(1) Karen Hughes (University of Liverpool): Can funders help to address the variation in core outcome set uptake across different health areas?
(2) Dr Ian Saldanha (Brown University): Are systematic reviewers using outcomes in core outcome sets?
(3) Professor Paula Williamson (University of Liverpool): Uptake of core outcome sets through the health care ecosystem.

Contributed session: International core outcome set development (3rd December 2020)
(1) Jamlick Karumbi (University of Liverpool; Kemri-Wellcome Trust): Involvement of participants from LMICs in COS development: a systematic review.
(2) Bilal Alkhaffaf (Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust; University of Manchester): Methods for conducting international Delphi surveys to optimise global participation in Core Outcome Set development: a case study in gastric cancer informed by a comprehensive literature review.