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The annual completion of a systematic review of COS for research ensures that the database is kept up-to date. Please note we are continually updating the database as we identify eligible studies; therefore, the records retrieved by any search might increase daily.

Furthermore, we maintain a separate list of studies that will not show up in your results, including expressions of interest, studies at a very early stage in their development, or where permission is being sought to include in the online database. If you would like more information on the contents of this list for a particular area, please complete the general enquiry form.

In deciding on the relevance of a COS to your study, you should consider its scope, defined in terms of the health condition, target population and whether it is for any intervention or specific types of intervention. The scope of an existing COS may not match exactly to your study, but may be useful to review if it overlaps. The Core Outcome Set-STAndards for Development (COS-STAD) can be used to help you decide whether a COS has been developed using a reasonable approach.

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